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The Soundrops - pastoral rock band


2014-04-11    Twenty

our 20th self-penned album:


cheers, I guess

happy listening!


2013-09-25    Bandcamp Soundrops


In the weird 2013 there will be no new Soundrops release, but we`ve managed to gather all our back kitchen catalogue (20 albs i 4 eps), in a new friendly site, where it can be easily viewed and consum(mate)ed

see you there


2012-11-29    Towards the East

I hurry in no time to announce out Towards the East as the final track on Armia`s newly released Podróż na Wschód soundtrack album

It is a real honour to be featured on a record which so effortlessly mingles the past and the present, and lush summer greens with a view of the sky and beyond

thank you, Tom

2012-08-31    August doesn`t pass

all of a gladden, here comes the new album

as opposed to the previous one which I always considered erm decent at most, this one seems pretty solid to me, in its little soundrop lo-fi way

all the three of us have taken part, and the new record (digital file, to be precise) is notable for four songs written or co- by Paf

why don`t you help yourself:

tweet my song

2011-10-25    `Alf is `ack!


it is no secret that the Soundrops discography is somewhat fluid, that is all of a sudden an updated version replaces the more pathetic one

this time, and this time only, we are doing it overtly - world, we present you the new sonic face of our oldest kitchen production, which you could nearly hear calling for a re-make

so this is what both the three of us have cooked this time


enjoy or flee, in any case: huge hugs

By the way you can also pop into the blossoming bandcamp site where you can taste our music in lossless formats

Soundrops Bandcamp

and there is also our U2`b channel: TV LORIEN


the peaceful and quiet start of our...

...Music Blog

bowing deep,

2011-07-02    a new album out!

a short-awaited new Soundrops is out, aren`t you glad, I repeat, aren`t you floody glad?

the album (the digital file, that is) is called Helpers and is rather average


I mean, this is a medium Soundrops album, that`s what it is,ha

but take a listen yourself, will you:

thanx and cheers: Paulina (the cover!), Witt, The Round Triangle, Fengari, Ex-girlfriends, Ex-friends, Ex-enemies, protected flowers, forests and hills, Moody Blues, Haydn, Beatles


2011-03-29    compilation CDs liner notes and more

To meet you halfway through, we are in the middle of giving away our new sort of compilations. The precious you, who wreading these words is, might have just received one (or might be – oh no, oh very no - dreaming about one). So just to guide you through:

The album is a somewhat haphazard collection of the recent re-recordings (as we know, regular Soundrops albums keep changing versions of the songs), I was hard pressed to save the wavs at least and here we go:

1. I Don’t Remember (written 1989-1996) from album ‘Night’
2. Toss Me (94-96) from ‘Future Perfect in the Past’
3. Flodigarry (2009) from ‘Friends’
4. The Wolfish Summer (94) from ‘Future Perfect in the Past’
5. Sunset On Your Window Glass (94-97) from ‘Night-Errant’
6. Just For Your Smile (94) from ‘Future Perfect in the Past’
7. To My Great (97) from ‘Night’
8. Stay Beside (90-92) from ‘Half’
9. Today (92) from ‘Future Perfect in the Past’
10. The Selfsame Chords (94) from ‘Night-Errant’
11. The Hermit’s Song (93-2000) from ‘Interim’
12. The River Bank (2003) from ‘Downhill Uphill’
13. Seems (94-97) from ‘Night’
14. Iwood (97) from ‘Night’
15. Mount Sharp (2001) from ‘Weathertop’
16. Grammar Song (2003) from ‘Downhill Uphill’
17. The Choice (93-96) from ‘Future Perfect in the Past’
18. Beyond What Was (Nenya Is Fading) (2008) from ‘On’
19. Overthere (2003) from ‘Downhill Uphill’

This one sounds worst of the lot as it is a collection od mp3-to-wavs, very lo-fi, but unexpectedly cohesive for a compilation – an athology of Soundrops journeyish (as opposed to trippy) songs.

1. The Train Away (2010) from ‘Good Reinerz’
2. The Hills (2010) from ‘Good Reinerz’
3. December (2008) from ‘On’
4. Train Train (2010) from ‘Good Reinerz’
5. The Park (2010) from ‘Good Reinerz’
6. Up (2010) from ‘Good reinerz’
7. The House Afar (2010) from ‘Good Reinerz’
8. The Valley of Oblivion (1992) from ‘Half’
9. The Remnants (2010) from ‘Good Reinerz’
10. The City Callback (2010) from ‘Good Reinerz’
11. Forbidden (2009) from ‘Friends’
12. The Half of Way (1993) from “Half
13. Victory (2006) from ‘A Bottle of Oil’
14. Stare Bojanowo (Nowe Bojastaro) from ‘Friends’
15. Railman (2002) from ‘Weathertop’
16. The Train Home (2010) from ‘Good Reinerz’
17. Drops (2002) from ‘Weathertop’

Very close to a best-of. Entitled thus in honor of The Moody Blues (what an album!) and the Traveling Eternity Road MB forum. The triple ‘l’ reflects the Polish way of spelling the word. Due to a number of alternate versions, the album has its own entry on


1. Lantern Waste/Autumn Way (2001) from ‘From Time to Time’
2. An Oak Girl (2000) from ‘Interim’
3. Love Comes to Train (2006) from ‘A Bottle of Oil’
4. Morn of Plenty (2002) from ‘Weathertop’
5. A Broken Line (1993) from “Half’
6. After the End (1995) from ‘Outward’
7. Weak and Precious (1996) from ‘Outward’
8. Song for the Her (1993) from ‘Half’
9. The Wounded Roe (1992-2002) from ‘Weathertop’
10. I Am Off (1998) from ‘Interim’
11. The Way Will Find You Love (1997) from ‘Night’
12. Song for John (1992-2001) from ‘From Time to Time’
13. Zeel (2008) from ‘On’
14. Glory (Za Bramką) (2008) from ‘On’
15. The Eye (1995-96) from ‘Night’
16. TV Lórien (2003) from ‘Downhill Uphill’
17. Monk (2003) from “Downhill Uphill’
18. Pastures Green (2009) from ‘Friends’
19. Towards (1998) from ‘Interim’

There was no room on the covers for THANKS AND HUGS:

Paulina, mgeming, Joasia & Zosia, Rodzice
Tom & Natalia, Frantz & Armia
Błażej & I/6
The Round Triangle
Wit, Fengari, Maua Uonka & others at Ultima Thule
Rainbow Glo & others at Traveling Eternity Road
Taranberk, Moody Jill & others at Moody Blues Attitude
The Moody Blues, Blossom Toes, Anthony Phillips, Roy Wood, Syd, Nick Drake, The Hollies, Blur, Beirut, Eddie Vedder, Skaldowie
Poirot, Gary Sinise, Radagast, Tsubasa, Chandler Bing, Charles Ingalls, Feliks Wypiór & Grom

And finally, the Soundrops forum is on (as yet, only in Polish – you might be the first to write something in English):
The Valley of Oblivion (official Soundrops forum)


2010-09-01    riches more than these

Undaunted by our newest release, I managed to prepare my own versions of a couple of tracks by my favourite band, which you can listen to


I don’t know if it is them who I owe most. First there were of course The Beatles I madly listened to from my dad’s reel-to-reel, that’s how the harmonies percolated into my blood unnoticed. And then, in the middle of summer and untime I discovered this band, who were simply the closest to Heaven.

But it was not their style I tried to seize, in fact it is only on our last album, with all these mellotron samples, where the musichood is more noticeable. But THAT THING was decided on the floor below, chyba in 1989, where my friend Eagle played me a piece of trivia: One Of These Days, which happened to constitute the title sequence of our local news programme called ‘Teleskop’. And then A Pillow of Winds beamed for a while, he shrugged it off, but I knew it was exactly the kind of music I was holding inside. Some twenty years later I found out, in the MOJO magazine, that these ballads from More and the like are labelled as p a s t o r a l’. Great, pastoral rock. The Soundrops have never played folk, but rock from the pastures (I can show you on the map).

There were many more unsmall ones to follow, but I’m not that sure if it is easy to show them in our music. It is more like me finding myself in their music. And lyrics – only now do I realise, in the windings of my private mythologies, how hard it is to write such universal lyrics like the best ones from Hayward.

I must list them. Roy Wood and Syd Barrett, with talent flowing down to their pens like oil from Heaven. Neat harmonies by Hollies, Searchers or ELO, each with a different flavour, and I have used each of these recipies. Morrison’s melisma. The spaces in Radiohead (as found on their B-sides). Perhaps Simon and Garfunkel and Yes, with the not-so-obvious harmonic solutions. Certainly Lennon’s emotional sincerity. And of course Tom of Armia, not only unrivalled in transforming details and memories into ‘magical realism’, but also the person who made me, who had paid heed to melody and harmony only, realise how important the SOUND is and that it would be nice if the instruments were in tune. Ultimately, though, everything could come down to the pastoral Floyd with Beatlesque harmonies.

But that would be only on the superficial level of style whereas from this band I took over – unaware - the whole philosophy of playing. The most important is the music, but not for its own sake. Only the feel matters but to evoke it you must know how to play and how to produce (how much did Tony Clarke achieve!). You may write about pain but you mustn’t not leave some hope. And the most important – to play the way you disappear from sight and not obscure the sky anymore. This is what I lack most and their best songs are so humble...


so this is The Moody Blues (like in a pic from Magazyn Muzyczny from around 1990):

2010-08-03    GOOD REINERZ out!


Today sees and listens to the release of new Soundrops album called Good Reinerz, which is all devoted to Duszniki Zdrój (Bad Reinerz) and its surroundings, but – as I stated before – it can be a good backing to any mountain trip, as the references are buried rather deep in the lyrics.

14 tracks have made it onto the album and all of them are rather dear to me, perhaps with the exception of the two lighter pieces (The Spa and The City Callback), essential to counterbalance the solid standing ones. A new element is the (free) mellotron samples I found somewhere on the net and pushed in wherever possible, as this instrument was always capable of carrying me to the rows of spruces in The Bystrzyca Hills. On Good Reinerz it is also a symbol of God’s grace attacking all of a sudden.

a link to the album page on (free download)

Good Reiner’z page

see you on the Road of Forlorn Wanderers sometime and don’t forget to shake hands with the Eternity Watchman,

love, gero

2010-07-06    A Holiday Report

I have just returned from an outing to Kłodzko Land, where I was gathering ideas for a new Soundrops album under the working-very-hard title Good Reinerz (cf. the old name of Duszniki Zdrój). I have brought back a couple of new lyrics and some further titles (and it’s obvious that when a title is there, the song will do! [will do what? do you know, Slightly? [no, I slightly don’t... and you, Twin?]]) DOŚĆ IT! Some direct references to the places will there be only in one song, the laughter-in Kudowa Stone, so it’s going to be an account on a trip to ANY mountains. )Which will attract a Grandmy(.

Kłodzko Land is extremely important for me, however, as such. We would go there every summer with Parents and the tiny Morella in the eighties (our mum’s brother was working as a doctor there – sheer blessing!). Hence all the afterlights of paradise and all the post-wonders connected with unity, timelessness, pastures, and – most of all – the far-away from September and school. I am still surprised with whatever has grown out of that, as it wasn’t all that plain and mountain. Holidays there meant for me cutting down on music, and let’s face it, the bloody meadows could be a bore. Plus the dark side of human relations, unveiled for years, plus the fact that – after all - it was communism around and around, perhaps coming to an end but still deep. Though I have to admit, amongst all my spittle against that system, communism did not disturb the landscape.

I returned there for the first time with bigger eyes in 1997, then in 2000. At that time all remained as before, plus a Żabka Shop in the old town minus huge rolls from Mrs Woś. It was easy to add new chapters to the old enchantments. Since 2003 I managed to walk across the majority of the Land and invite in many people – some shrugged it off, as indeed THERE WAS NOTHING THERE. However, some of my friends did discover some of the undercurrents. Meanwhile, modern life and the union had crept in... It is stupid to bridle at all this, but my land is passing away... perhaps to be featured on the new album.

On the coach home, a new lyric knocked at my head (I entitled it Path), one of the kind which leaves a sense of having overstepped the level as well as great gratitude. At once sat next to such personal cult ones as The First Day of Spring, Railman or Overthere. It made it again! Another good day! I hope the melody that will come to it will be fitting.

I wish everyone inspiring and refreshing holidays!

2010-04-13    Heavenlo!

welcome to our site!

say friend and enter


(and more is to come)


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