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The Soundrops - pastoral rock band


Good Afternoon

May I?

may I go in without a knock
your room is so dark
your heart is so large
I think there is the space enough to place
my little me
may I go in

may I play on my simple songs
your days are so short
your evenings so calm
I think there ia sa chance to fill them with
my gentle chords
may I play on?

and may I show you where light is
you`re counting the stars
and you leave out the largest one
I think there is a chance to make you see
the way to look
so may I show
may I show

X 93
The String of Spring

green-haired girl with the window eyes
she crept in and awoke the grass
nice to see you
tell me where to go

dreams are ringing out above my mind
it means it`s time to save a while
to get into her house
useless information flows
million mirrors face the dawn
raindrops raise their manes, now I`m in love

string of the spring detunes my mind
mist of the past days scatters out
maybe I will make her mine
it`s only great emotion
now let`s drink some tea
to string of the spring

dentist plays toothball with the sweets
soldiers dig their tired guns
and promise that no more
Easter time goes sailing on
rainbows wide for everyone
happy tears are for my growing love

string of the spring detunes my mind
wave of delusion scatters out
maybe she`ll make me hers
it`s only right explosion
now let`s drink some wine
to green-haired girl`s eyes

IV 93
(When) Evening (Falls)

do not get lost when the feeling`s gone
the core of the love
does not depend on some burning gusts
if your heart beats in the other
you will sail despite the arms of stillness

when the gloaming falls on our love
we can`t pass over the light
flowers oft fold their wings
and no one despairs when eyes blink
still there is the coming morning
to remember about
if only we decide to survive

(oryginalne słowa z 3/7/93):

you know at night it is not so bad
some star you can think of
even when it sparkles behind a cloud
some light you can follow too
you can swim between the arms of darkness

but when the evening falls something`s wrong
first fall, the grey afterglow
darkened thoughts and all that
`cos this is not the night yet
well there is the coming morning
to remember about
but have you deserved to survive

IX 96

I understand your reasons
but I can`t forbid the tears to fly
within a stream to the sea
darkened sea where there`s no hope at all

don`t you know the earth`s too slight
to keep such a feeling on
don`t you know my heart`s too small
to place any state of constant happiness inside
if it is happiness indeed
happiness indeed

so it`s loneliness again
let us stay friends forever
within the stone between
between the free, do you want to be so free



so many people round and round
so many voices with no sound
in waiting for my only one
I`ll never change
though maybe just an empty world

so the loneliness again
let the teardrops blur this tent`s inside
within the smiles of goodbye
sad goodbye where there`s not a word at all

how can I remember the times
of real smiles, real flights
how can I remember the times

so the night stole the evening
after blue days sunny ones I`m sure will come
I don`t know
I don`t know
I can only hold guitars
kiss the strings

7/7/93 - VII 93

hush hush love will last
all whole can be solved
but you must believe
blessed are those who cry
do not waste your tears

XII 94/2007
It Can Happen Again

it can happen again
it can happen again, she`ll love you
it can happen again
and you`ll both feel how much sweeter
love can be

so you`re down and out
you don`t know where to hide from the pain in your mind
so you want to stay
where you fell where you were with your hand in her hand

don`t you worry that much
(oh I know it is so hard)
I know something you`d touch
with all your broken heart

it can happen again

don`t forget you made
little vows for yourself that you`d suffer all for love
it won`t be too long
after that she will know you must be the only one

IX 93
Away/The Raspberry

scallops of eiderdown to sing for babies
silently in the spin
a merry end of the day
a merry end of the day

and he counts the cries and the laughs of his care
begging angels of love for a stare
and winds
will blow a piece for the starving
to prepare him for the morning
new day is gonna be the same as the one that`s gone
waiting in the forest someone stands up to the lightning

it hangs alone
I have to let it fall
one little try of will
I cannot fight the fear

September struck, the winter calls
oh it`s so red, must I give up
I know that if I don`t, it`ll break me down
no other choice
no other choice

I know, the only chance for me to bear another fruit
is to forget about this empty precious one
I can`t

you know that I don`t want to part with what`s so very mine
yet I will pray `gainst what so sweetly blights
my heart

it hangs alone
I have to let it fall
one little try of will

IX 93/XII 93/IX 96
A Nettle

do I love you
or is it true love
I ask for I sit with the tears in my hands
and a nettle grows in my heart

do I see you
or is it a picture
I ask for I sit with my eyes on the wall
and a nettle grows in my heart

is it winter
or is it summer still
I ask for my window`s covered with black
and a nettle grows in my heart

let it all go clear
I enjoy what i know
if only you come, the nettle will dry
and I`ll see my green rose

I 94
The Winter Reverie

as I gaze at passing picture of June
I keep my eyes at the place
where the summer meets the spring
and the king has found the queen
hear the gentle feeling rise
and the warm rain caught in fall
fills the hollows with the grass

the flowers dance on the road
that we are going
to the forest of old

now the sleet turns day elusively off
the forks that shed the leaves
wrest my pillow from the wind
so I start to dream again
of this place that I had been
where the summer meets the spring
and the king has kissed the queen

the flowers dance on the way
we will get back to
the forest of old

as I gaze at passing picture of June

X 93
You Waste Another Day

you waste another day
you waste another day
you waste another day

what is the use of re-reclawing wounds
what`s the excuse for your rewinding painful pasts
you analyse
the same event from sundry eyes
as if it could help you make
rivers flow backwards

you waste another day

your way still waits - you count your tears
your love`s ahead - you count your tears
your days extend - you count your tears
and that`s
how you make sunlight pour like rain

you waste another day

towards the evening through the memory thorns
you can`t go forward
lured by grounds of bygone luck
how can you step
with your eyes at the back of your head
and your calendar getting fat
come with us instead

you waste another day

X 94/ 97

I time time I
wallowing in dark mists
chasing crumbs of light

(oh he is getting closer
oh he is getting closer)

garden full of moon
frozen summer pain

I time time I
oh Lord
essence of the nowhere
I`m afraid of stone

(oh he is getting closer
oh he is getting closer)

VII 94
Searching for the Echoes

found some space in time, I could go outside
the same two trees across
as they`d been inviting me to lay on the grass
was it in the air? was it really there?
they don`t let my soul in and I find myself dead

I remember days I sat here for long hours
clouds were flowing high
waves of lake wre waking me to wonder of hush
in the hair below
gentle wooden songs
screws there in my mind could rest and lungs could fly high

hands of clocks so short
the pace of time so slow
eyes of forest green
meadows hidden in
now I`m back but the tress are looking sadly
they`re the same but I know more

I will never count the sunsets I have scorned
I remember clear
energy of innocent enchantments I`d feel
mirrors of the stream
I dreamed heroes in
I was chasing butterflies were chasing the wind

nights were not so cold I didn`t need the song
far-off howls of wolves
incomprehensibly intense that safety of wood
is it all my fault
that I`m mad of love
must be back
my heart`s just come across some new hope

VII 94/ 96/ 07
Cut Your Doubt

the blossom haze
the songs of birds
the green in air
it`s not enough to call it May
time to flourish please hold me
hold me
hold me hold me hold me tight

my green angel cut your doubt
light and free your heart
sunny eyes can`t stand us apart
heal the flowery pain
heal the crystal suffering

my green angel hide your wings
drown them in my eyes
take my hand let us search for Red
along the rainbow paths
we will climb the clear sky

III 94
It Is Love

carry it `gainst all their words
carry it `gainst all the whispers of hate
carry in hope that one day you will take
and I know it is love I can lift

see you through grey of sheer sounds
see you through delicate smell of the clouds
see you behind brittle walls of the rain
and I know it is love I can see

love`s but the flame in the doubt
love`s but the evergreen chord in my symphony
beauty of memories
mystery of my dreams
clarity of rainy days
flowers on winter ways
something the words can`t phrase

smile `gainst my tragic disguise
smile `gainst the nightmares in my rainy eyes
smile in hope I`ll amuse your inside
and I know it is love I can smile

you are the one though I`m the five
find you in each drop of blood in my heart
know it is here though they say it is lost
and I thank for each day I can love

love`s but the frame of my life
love`s but the evergreen glow from the Master`s heart
onus of all my steps
sweetness of faithfulness
voice of the Providence
the way to the Heaven`s gates
something the words can`t phrase

X 93/ VII 96
The First Day of Spring

the first day of springtime lies slowly down
with new awoken grass and sun
mist in the forest
mill by the water
greening glade

the first day of springtime dawns over hills
last winter pools are sanding out
small stones are drowning
dance on the water
she is here

blow the curtain
off your face

open your eyes
open your eyes

she lifts her naked hands up to skies
Lord, thank You for these pearly eyes
spring of my feeling
touch of the warm wind
start to run
love grows
love shines

X 94
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