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The Soundrops - pastoral rock band


Calling the Past (retro + remix)

The Epitaph For Starving Bread

a squirrel is climbing a tree
red point among the green
I know everybody expects the song to end
it reaching the top of the tree

but the squirrel jumps into the air
breaking a bottle of pain in its hand
and the mice below sing in tenor voices
Freedom! Accuracy! The Phone!

and the squirrel`s turning into smoke
as a rainbow starts to realise
with the starving bread with the yellow ears
Window! Funeral! The Storm!

the lion loses teeth
good morning my feet

by Ger (01/1994)
A Mathematical Problem

from a pack of 52 cards a boy draws one
and it is not the three of clubs
calculate the probability of drawing a lucky sign
knowing he`s got eyelashes like a doll
and a guitar that wore a rainbow with no glasses
the boy took the ace of hearts
and from the sky an elephant fell
and drowned in the lake
never enough about it

by Ger (1993)
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