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The Soundrops - pastoral rock band



The End Of Summer

summer summer summer summer
the end of summer

the end of summer
the end of ceasefire
the end of marvels
the end of crystals

I know it is a lie
the sweetness is inside
the box of life

summer summer summer summer
the end of summer

the end of summer
the start of darkness
the end of laughters
the start of Martians

these flowers do not change
the beauty radiates
from the white face

the end of summer
it doesn`t matter

music: 1988/2013
lyrics: 13/12/2013

Keep the Hope

this is not the very end
after winter will come spring
things are being take care of
when it`s time, you`ll finally win

keep the hope, keep the hope
only keep the hope

you will have your dream fulfilled
you will find the real love
all your problems will be really solved
of course the best is yet to come

keep the hope, keep the hope
only keep the hope

(faith and hope
hope and love

you wil taste breath-taking sights
you will even enjoy the nights
things will change for the better
you`ll be happy and all right

keep the hope, keep the hope
and expect the best

lyrics: 24/02/1014
music: 25/02/2014


I`m getting lost in the old wood
I`m going backwards though I should
I`m evening every single day
all summer long I feel like rain

the black wall
another failure
the black wall
another way, yeah

I wanted less me I got more
I think I might have been too sure
I tried to walk through the blind door
gonna get stuck on the black wall

the mirror doesn`t tell the truth
there`s a new Paf in the old wood
the willows didn`t expect that much
I think I might be finding touch

music: 1988 lyrics: 2012

For a Change

I`ve had enough of the dark, need something for a change
perhaps I`ll finally succumb to the way of light
I`ve had enough of sin, need something to begin
perhaps I`ll finally return to paradise

something non-mine for a change
Someone non-me for a change

willows and monsters
walking down the street
billows and oysters
walking down the beach

I`ve had enough of theory, need something real for a change
I`ve had enough of the mud, need something divine for a change

could be something like trust
could be something like yield

vortex and downstairs
walking down the street
torches and cloisters
sheltering the trees



tiribarara tiribarara
tiribara rarara

tiribiti ririri

tiribarara tiribarara
tiribara rarara tarara

written by Ger/mrll/Paf

I Still Love Yo

I still love you
I still love you
I still love you as I can

you still have me
you still have me
you still have me unawares

now you know what it`s like to be alone
now you know what it`s like nowhere to go
I can whisper here and there
not too distant for a prayer

never knows where we will be in a year
never knows what`s a dream and what is real
you will be surprised, I hope
so much good is still to come


Incz Ovomb

incz ovomb, incz ovomb
I`ll run for my life
know where to go
I have enough

I`m certain for once
I`m of one heart
I`m of spruce mind

I know it was worth waiting for so long
and I`ve had a good look around
things needed evening out
in the morning sun
I know I can run faster than a deer

incz ovomb, incz ovomb
I`ve started to be
everything is real
dream in my feet

no vember in sight
no fear, no high
victory feels right

grace, it is only grace
and it is my pace
not to be compared and not judged
tree, it`s the only tree
in the morning sun
I know I can run as fast as He wants

incz ovomb, incz ovomb
I`m about to win
I`m about to win
I`m about to win

music: 07/03/2014
lyrics: 08/03/2014

Making Heartway

I know how to live but I niezabardzo can
did I get it wrong or did everybody else?
barely making it
I know how to live but I`m all too often weak

they say life`s a cake but I`m very often sick
I have wasted too many opportunities
barely making it
they say life`s a cake but I chyba lost my share

everyone everyone everybody goes all too quickly
antidote antidote I need antidote
turn the TV off
no comparisons
no definitions
no evaluations

on the other hand I`ve been definitely kept
steady on my way to my Heavenending Home
calmly making it
no big deal even if I niezabardzo can
niezabardzo can
niezabardzo can



then came the day of no returning
I knew I was late, late anyway
all fears accrued
sudden blow, midday dawn
I had to go

no second thoughts, no looking back
no other hearts, towards the front
and I`m so weak
sudden grace, smiling face
I cannot fail

it`s so much better than before
I never hoped for so much love
another chamber in my soul

music: 1998/2014
lyrics: 19/03/2014


aughter anyway
cocktail anyway
tractor anyway
high times

blunder anyhow
pig-tale anyhow
traitor anyhow
looming looming looming on my way

nobody nobody nobody`ll help
nobody nobody nobody`ll help
nobody nobody nobody`ll help
only You

daylight anyway * nightning anyhow
airwaves anyway * nightware anyhow
railines anyway * night-wing anyhow
high times * looming looming looming on my way

nobody nobody nobody cares
nobody nobody nobody`s fair
nobody nobody nobody`s there
only You



this isn`t absolutely spring
trying hard not to lose my wings

flowers and crops and pop-sike songs
only provide short-term warmth

I`m saying `no` to passing
means of arms and heart held
time to make and keep it

I cannot wait these months ahead
I`m trying weak to make joy spread

this time I feel that this could do
can we just keep between and you

my intuitions are not final
my premonitions aren`t divine, though

maybe it helps that I`m not
tain the peace and trust and
lessly reaching out for
Glen Boe
Glen Boe

(day`s short
can I dance alone
I`m not feeling strong
how do I go on
houses built on sand
I have missed my plains
it is getting late
and she doesn`t care
money`s growing thin
belly`s growing thick)

music: 1994
lyrics: 1998/2014


understand, understand
everyone is Caravadżdżjo

understand, understand
everyone is Hatti Vatti
everyone is Rutti Tutti



sweet rays are conquering the air
hope is flower-coating winter cares
spring has come
spring has come

streets, playgrounds waiting to be loved
teeth, flower dresses, greens and hearts
spring has come

how could I claim thet the winter would stay
and all the flights were gone
five good months
five good months

Easter is happening everywhere
what has been given will not fade
victory`s come
victory`s come

how could I say that the darkness prevailed
and love was all in vain
grace no end
grace no end

things have changed



nothing can go wrong with us
we might not even meet
this life
but I`ll never let you go
oh no, don`t get me wrong, I`m not in love
I`ll never be
it`s only that I love

at a distant end of this continent
a familiar stranger is giving me
more than I expected
and more than I dreamt

through the wilderness of polluted air
the unknowing singer is sending out
too much of a love
to be unmarkt

nothing can reason away
the truth in what you sing
I`ll cling
like dust upon your notes
oh yes, you can wipe me off, I`ll never mind
I won`t forget
all the love you have sent

to the distant end of this continent
the unnoticed angel is carrying
just a cup of hope
and just a crumb of joy

and the providence will secure things
everlasting Winger is covering
whatever small loves
we are disclosing

all that I imagined about you
proves light

I will love you right


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