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The Soundrops - pastoral rock band



Fruitless Tree

Christian Christian
why are you so sad?
aren`t you finally going
to rise from the dead?
if it doesn`t work
why don`t you drink and drunk
and fly about
and most importantly
shack up

(it is too late)

(take me away)

(music music play me some music)

Christian Christian
now where is your fruit
are you finally going to settle your mood?
if it doesn`t work
why don`t you C and D
and URL
and most importantly

you could marry her ago
you could practice a little bit more
[stop worrying!]
you could find a better job
you could learn to drive a ford
[stop worrying!]
you could use your time and build a house
[help is on your way]
and earn some more and take that chance
[help is on your way]
and win that match and absolutely be a better man
[stop worrying!]


Helpers Anonymous

young lads carrying guitars
on their shoulders
high school girls wearing long flowery skirts
and heart-shaped eyes
backpackers and trekking-shoers

brothers and sisters
move me move me on

long hair waving with winds
and remaining
smiles uncontrolled
and white teeth sining songs
without disguise
soft-rockers and bell-ringers

brothers and sisters
help me help me out

recurrent faces
still unfamiliar but no longer strange
long-buried friends
spotted by chance
on a crowded tram
stock-mockers and heart-brokens

brothers and sisters
find me more and more

lyrics: 12/2/2011


fill me with some ice-cherry coke
before the next song
now when the children have gone to sleep
we`re still young

Room 4 is being filled with more Ultimates
perhaps for the last time
`till all the differences step forward
and tear the unity apart

would you like me to play Pasture 3
or something from The Wall
now when we`ve got rid of two-star ones
we can soar

Room 4 is being filled with the Moody Blues
we`re all Pink tonight
till all the kinks step forward
and tear the community apart

the islands never meet
the truths will never click
the egos wouldn`t heal
the silence must proceed
perhaps we`ll leave a shout
if one of us logs out
it`s always been unreal
so long ago, so clear



walking to work
average day
I`m looking down
mind is away
heart is dismayed
a 2pm night

blox of flats, mountains of the city
standing in the sun
lucky space, horizon serrated
drag me slightly right

it`s getting real
year after year
longer in bed
harder to heed
pathways oblique
secrets ahead

blox of flats, mountains of the city
can you take me high
less inane, wiser for a second
on my way to change

when`ll I understand all is a message and a gift
erratic trust
when`ll I finally learn my little cross is not the end
average faith

blox of flats, mountains of the city
there will come a time
when I`ve made it past you and have taken
just for what you are
blocks of flats


Protected Flowers

carry on - I cannot respond
such a faint and familiar nod
appreciate - but you will not know
I know how to pass

pure excitement creeps in
brisk enlightenment steals
shadows whirl and colours jump
shall go flying in your eyes
honey, pull me
sweep me

just a part - I can only look
knowing that, I don`t look too close
you`re not real and that`s how you`ll stay
I know how to plain

sweetly dazzled I`m gone
for the swaying sun sun
more and more with every thought
I am full of sparkling blood
love you, stun me
bite me

it will take just a carefree prayer
you will stay not a single full day
I am glad to have met you though
beauty saves the world



enter tainment exit right
what a day to fly
enter ruption exit prighd
what a day to fall

enter winter exit bliss
what a day to lose
enner winner exit self
what a day tonight

the leaves decayed are putting up their little heads
the seeds disdained will harvest



sitting all alone
waiting for some love
dusk descending slow

soft and wondrous drone
from the mystical plane
distant kingdoms call
and come

aerials and behind
such a mollient touch
of the latent night

sitting all alone
having lost the sun
I can touch the wall
of dark

should have given more
should have taken more
close my eyes
it feels so cool
de sac

I have got it wrong
(what about my dreams and freedom?)
I have prayed it wrong
wish I could come back tonight
to day

doesn`t anymore
there`s a way beyond
there is above all
I know

I will



enough strength
enough wealth
enough depth
enough day
enough ang`
enough brains
enough help
enough grace

it`s my turn



a yes man
at least for now
distant miracles are written on the ticket in my pocket
window seat
window grace
guess this minute here is what I`m meant to be
and the mesmerising patterns of the tracks
and I realise there`s still so much to love

stalwart towers
start to run
there is nothing here that cannot altered be
the empty seats
start to talk
I have taken you and you and you along
with the passing beauties of today
with the lasting futiles I can smile off

(I feel the move I feel like living)
(watching flowers on the train)



pretty Lady Diamond -
pretty Lady Spotlight -
pretty Lady `Pinion -
- get behind me, baby

pretty Lady `Cedia -
pretty Lady `Lessness
pretty Lady Fastlove -
- get behind me, baby

pretty Lady Fear -
pretty Lady Fear -
pretty Lady Fear -
- get behind me, deer



tomorrow it may rain
it may rain a lot
tomorrow you may change
you may change it round
tomorrow will be fine
will be fine as well
it can take care of itself

tomorrow will be great
in its way
I don`t care
tomorrow is not great
in its shape
I don`t mind

the pines caress my hair and burn with green
the solid wall is yielding just for me
carry on

I`m stuck in the middle of a holy wood
I`m stuck in the middle of holy June

today I am ready to die
having becircled this near
I think I can really go far
not the worrying kind

todie I am ready to day
November perhaps on my way
I`m stuck at the Holiest Heart
not the worrying kind



I love the remote
the spruces afar
but is there true love
in my heart

podobno by Therese of Lisieux


you tossed me the moon
you spiked my blued
you made my nights
you spread my eyes
I dreamalised
across lovelands
opened up my ice

and I got you
all over my brain
all over my veins
all over my

you broke my wand
you stole my high
I`d taped that flight
could not rewind
you climbed me down
disturbed my flow
heard it on the olds

and I owed you
more longer my nose
moreover my cr`phone
moreover my cross

you`ve been my sunshine
you`ve been my thorn
there is more love though
than there it was
you are my helper now
and you`ll evermore

I still have you
all under my wealth
all under my breath



don`t you worry, baby
more than maybe
shines ahead
won`t you morning, baby
fine`s ahead

past is leaving
pastime clearing
sweet decaves

don`t you worry baby
more than maybe
finds ahead
lots lots lots


The Other Side

how does it feel to be one of the beautiful people
how does it thrill to sing harmony with Justin Hayward
was there Atlantis and is there a Bermuda Triangle
were we right back then to split
I`m gonna find
out on the other side

is it the Beatles who sing after all on Peace of Mind/The Candle Burns
did Olympique really poison Lech`s food before the second match
was it the Russians who crashed the Tupolev in Smoleńsk
why do we most often lose
I`m gonna find out
on the other side


Skies (from \"Dusk\" - Helpers spin-off single)

seartch for the treasure in the Northern Homestead aloft
seartch for the pasture above all the forests and songs
seartch for the meadow above golden sunflakes to lay down
(the one who lived in this house once)

seartch for the lost chord before you get dumb and deaf-end-street
seartch for Lothlórien before Moria proves all too deep
seartch for a sunset before there are more than two suns
(the one who lived in this house once)


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