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The Soundrops - pastoral rock band


Good Reinerz

The Train Away

the tracks towards the South
cross and multiply
to the music down the wheels
I have left all me behind
being carried for a change
being carried to some love
the unknown is beckoning sweetly
call the angels of the town

the fields behind the window
wave and let me on
through the wonders on the map
I will move to my relief
being lifted to the air
with the signals not to read
the tower`s piercing the sky unnoticed
as the stranger`s getting warm

I am letters on the ticket
I`ve been living for two hours
getting ready for the hills
rising from beneath the rails

the heights upon my shoulder
grow with every breath
to these firm and silent friends
I`ll deposit things at home
friendly ties beneath my wheels
friendly smoke above my roof
new pathways open with every bend
calling my heart to get off

I am letters on the ticket
I`ve been living for five hours
taking lessons from the hills
rising from beneath the rails


My Hill

stepping down
to the town
I am struck by the afternoon
gold displayed on the slope
He`ll take care of that Himself

Glory to the pathways upward
I`m about to take
Heaven is always where it`s always been

bliss and overjoy
bliss and overjoy

lovely clouds on the hillside
just like ten years ago
I don`t worry anymore
He`ll take care of that Himself


Train Train

train train on the hill
who has made thee
when you disappear where will I be

a brown carriage away
safe in my head
the view seven years old
destined to fall
when I`m gone
unimportant and alone

train train on the hill

the old second-growth spruce
forests behind
spreading over years
stretching my mind
till I`m gone
unimportant and alone

train train on the hill
who has made thee
when you disappear where will I be

a green second-class old
carriage appears
re-arranging my soul
climbing the hill
re-created to love

train train on the hill
who has made thee
when you disappear where will I be


The Spa

this is a spa
where old people live again
some are getting laid
some dancing well

this is a spa
where young people take their breaths
some are getting bored
some climbing down down down

this is a spa
this is a spa

this is a spa
where mid people re-invent
all their safes and sounds
to be born again

this is a spa
(Odysseus Odysseus despite)
this is a spa


The Hills

not very hilly and not very high
the quiet domes
not striking, not awesome and not many views
a few paths

the forests do end
the peak hour shaved
the mists will disperse
I hope I`ll be dead

not very scenic and not very bright
the trunk rows
the Hare Path, Eternity, the Road of Great Fear
enough time

the sleeper will wake
the body will rise
the eye will have seen
I hope I`ll be dead


The Park

they are playing chess to the menacing protection of the chimney
they are walking by to the confident beauty of the clouds
they`re recovering from the long-recurrent burden of their loves

good trees all around
many ways to go
flashes of the past
refuge of the now

there`s the morning bus coming from the legendary greens
there`s a laughing child ever looking for the colours of the fountain
there are us of old on our way back home before my eyes

(it`s not so sad)

sweet scents all around
many hopes to grow
windows beyond the sky
open and alive

I am standing up getting ready for the path up past the bower
`gainst the river song luring me to reminisce and die
one more look around
forward to the mouflon on my way

(you should be glad)

good trees all around
when I`m walking up
taking all my time
to the house afar

PKP Wrocław - Poznań, 6/7/2010


Son and the Holy Ghost
at the foot of today`s hill
fear and the paper mill
pushed a bit behind

freedom`s brown and love is green
trying to get the cosmic rhythm
feet at ease
and heart at will
all my life`s ahead

holy spruces pointing ever high
streams reflecting all the wonders
to be climbed

forward to where we`ve not been
`gainst the guidebooks and acclaim
plenty yet to come this way
laid of old by Father

Antoninek, 17/7/2010

The Road of Forlorn Wanderers

this road`s on the maps
still it feels like getting lost
told us where to go
we expected something more
there are hills around but behind the trees
no one walks nearby off the coloured trails
out of the lembas bread
we can`t be sure there`s light somewhere
coming to a halt

so I step aside
to take a heavy breath

trees and more trees we are dry and dismayed
come to regret
the idea to try this way
down there with the cones
she`s not feeling well as the midday strikes
low beneath the clouds
I wake to cold and needle darkness again
and this stone will never end

and when I close my eyes
how I try but dream will not come back
we are only getting tired all the way
here I am waiting for one grace

it`s also a part of the dance
the only will is trust

lighter inconceivably better than ago
slighter and relieved for the destination`s known

VII 2010


only fifty metres left
to the glorious turning left
the hostel shines down there
we`ve made it once again

Łeba :) 21/7/2010

The House Afar

I will never go there this time
I don`t think I`ve got enough strength
all the wonders I will miss
all the opportunities
of a happy hour

with the roads not taken
and the views unthought of
it is time to face
I am not that great
still too comfy in my soul
still too clumsy in my heart

I will never go there this life
I don`t think there is any use
all the people that I miss
all the peculiarities
of a happy hour

with the words not spoken
and the chance untakens
it is here to fade
I am not that same
still too haughty in my eyes
still too careless in my steps
will they greet me as they were
when I`m absolutely there 13/7/2010


The Remnants

they have killed my sight
with another house
and the train reborn
cannot fight the trees
no more

can`t forbid the new estate
can`t believe the noise I hear

the conrete fences
a bandoned trail
the plain coach
the swallow`s feast

they have filled the gaps
where the mystery hung
and the view below
doesn`t want to speak
no more

cannot quench the funfair hit
cannot stop the adverts flash

a bygone flowerdate
the rusting tracks
the old road
and that day`s song

it`s in my heart
so it may fade outside
Heavens don`t pass
if it was not
let it go
a better one will come



obscure path
humble and unmarked
leads me to I don`t know where
passing by
houses on the hills
greeted by forgotten saints

this hour`s full of grace
the whole green universe
is here for me
undeservedly and free
I can but give it back to Him
all alone
all rejoicing
with the ones I`ve loved

the way will split
I am not afraid
whichever one I choose
will do
I am weak
I am not alone
every ten steps I grow strong

PKS Duszniki - Wrocław, 6/7/2010

The City Callback

baby why don`t you come home
baby why don`t you come home
baby why don`t you come home

hear my city calling me
the Town Hall cannot stand without me
guess I must go once again
down to earth

hear my music needing me
the walls are missing all my looking
maybe I will stay for good
next time


The Train Home

wood sweet wood
ten stations from home
shining fields
as the day is touching down

past the rails untaken
and views I won`t explore
I am not the very same
I am humming different songs

window seat
I shall want no more
clear roe-deer
the odd number on the post

past the cheering houses
a lovely girl who`ll never speak
I am not the very same
I can notice different things

I have been moved
I must have changed
I`m into good
tomorrow`s also holidays
all the way
to the end

Promno, 15/7/2010

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