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The Soundrops - pastoral rock band



Bardo Hills

this is my hill
and a few hundred trees
obscure path
remote drone

the grace of climbing
swooning pasture warmth
resin-stained hand
slow-motion death

mildly growing old
with no one to see
the change in me

the price is high
but least I am
about to be
given away

the grace of stillness
allure of neverend
let summer fade
behind my back

mildly growing old
mildly growing old

don`t know what to do
but at leats know that I`m
about to be
where I am

Góry Bardzkie 25/8/2007


I dream of your hills, I dream of your valley
it`s clean, I`m free and I`m pleased
I dream of your fruit, I dream of your flowers
you are worth all the dirt that I`ve been

want to reap your sun
want to tear your shade
want to drink your juice
want to fill your moon

so come and love me today
come and love me today

I dream of your beads, I dream of your fountain
it`s safe and it`s sweet to be here
I dream of your warmth, I dream of your threshold
I will stand and I`ll knock to be in

want to cleanse your brows
want to lull your mind
want to drink your fears
want to fit your skin

so come and love me tonight
come and love me tonight

V 2008

Goes Without Saying

it goes without saying and quickly
it goes without saying to you
it goes and I don`t want it back
let it get clear in between

it goes without saying forever
it goes without saying it`s good
it goes and I`m happy it does
let it get strong in between

it goes without saying I you
and I`m ready to die for you
I say it `cos I am so grateful
let it get clear in between


I Can`t Leave Her

though she has another one
and though she said don`t try anymore
and though they`ll do anything to make me blue
oh I can`t leave her

the empty room, the silent door
my heart is bleeding and the blood`s all over the floor
am I to cry? am I to die?
I can`t leave her

and I won`t
I can`t stop the loving
she is mine in my dreams every night
I don`t know what I will do
but for sure
I won`t leave her

I know my love will never die
so I will wait for better time
`cos she is worth one single day
oh I won`t leave her

II 92


help me and relent me
give me some more space
my spirit fails me
disappointed and lacklustre
I am growing up
so am I meant like this
illusions burst
expectations disappear
I can`t hear distant bells
cannot see the sea
every day I love you more
but feeling strength diminishes so fast

slow down I need green
for my eyes to breathe

smiles and reassurance and some sun on my way
I have lost old riches
haven`t found more than these
bare in the desert I am losing all
all to love

sting me and amaze me
show me what I was
I must have had it brought
stun me flood me you me
let my ego fall
humiliate me with your charity
intuitions disappear
I am blank in my wit
put love to my feet
every day I love you more
but that`s in spite of me
I still am not

1996, 7/1/9

Long Long Time Ago

long long time ago
life was lying low
I was passing by
I thought I had time

when did it start to be going so fast
when did it start to approach second half

long long time ago

1987, 01/01/2009

No More Magic

no more magic
no more magic

the death is near
it`s huge relief
and shame I`ve been inept

the help behind
I`d felt has failed
the forest`s weak this week

no more magic
no more magic

I suffocate
I`m wrong I hope
I beg for some way through
the air is foul
I fight alone
the wonders are asleep

no more magic
no more magic

the flight was a lie
the mountains fall
and drown in lazy plains
is love a bore
is life so gray
as it`s so plain to see

no more magic
no more magic

some more cross
and I can
breathe again
breathe again

XII 2008


the star is shining through
the tiles upon my roof
the walls are trembling down
the moat is drying out
around my heart

the hills are lying down
the noise seems over now
the sheep wants not to flee
the birth of quiet glee
inside my heart

X 2008


Saturday morning, no one can hurt me
white clouds inviting to reach for the sky
music and fairies, heart leapping forward
I am in love and I might even win
you`ll see, you`ll see, you`ll see

sunrise to sunset, all is enchanted
laughter appear with a shift of my will
never established and nowhere anchored
fields opening every minute ahead
to see to see to see

help hippocampus heave
whatever more than dreams
was there one day indeed
free from the shadow back and fear

cold Sunday evening, tears sweetening darkness
and I have noticed they did push me on
crows going deeper, swans getting nowhere
guess one needs both and the sun`s not enough
to see to see to see



I want to be healthy as a hill
I want to be heatlthy as the drill
the drill between your teeth
the drill between your teeth

time`s flowing down
gotta lift it and think
`ere it breaks our hearts
we must be brave
gotta get up and flee
`ere the thunderstorm

I want to be healthy as a cloud
I want to be healthy as the ground
the ground beneath your feet
the ground beneath your feet

fear`s growing big
trzeba fuck it and live
`ere it breaks us down
we must be brave
gotta stand up to it
`ere we lose our key
and our P
and our General American

I want to be healthy as a stone
I want to be healthy as the drone
the drone between your ears
the drone between your ears



dumble door
dumble door

I have really sinned
now it clouds my mind
chamber full of stars
I have spoiled my heart
longer wand
shorter sight
humble door
the only road

dumble door
dumble door

I am here alone
with so many toys
I believe in love
but I failed to love
all`s not lost
though it`s less
humble door
the only way

dumble door
dumble door

down the stairs
down the clouds
broken wand
trampled coat

humble door
humble door


Beyond What Was

though seasons change and things and people die
though everywhere I see how much is lost
I hope all be retrieved someday past time
the only thing that makes it not so hard

positions switch and points of view decline
and dreams not necessarily come back
I hope all will be caught someday past time
both still and moving, full and growing wide

let it drop
let it loose
control free
diaries burn

though railways rust and close no more to be
though music fails to call those feelings in
I hope all be retrieved and even more
we will recall with joy how much there was


Glory (Za Bramką)

this is the street I was beaten in the street
where I was found seven dents in my teeth in 1993
this is the street where a friend of my parents committed suicide
this is the street I hurry along late for work

glory be despite
glory be to God
who makes the evil pass
impossible joy

this is the street where a priest had a child
the street I was gathering pieces of my broken heart in 1994
there was a school for retarded children I deftly ridiculed
the street that I thought I had finally seen through the veil

glory past the moon
the closest that I knew
there`s such a lot of good
left to do

the mountains and the rails
nothing worth to stay
incomplete and pale
get behind me, Blue Jays

this is the street I was told the hard truth
where they had left and I carried on wounds
the only pleasant thing there was, a playground, didn`t last
nothing to cling, I am ready to see the afterworld

glory past the Wounds
deeper than I knew
as we finally arrive
to the gate


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