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The Soundrops - pastoral rock band



The Dwarf

welcome to a tiniest Miss Hap song
about at best a grey dayingale and at worst a dwarf
side with me be it side A or a side B

quite a lovely time on the parasol
still I cannot mend my inside and suppress the roar
I have lost the game, I need to leave this day

who will take the little dwarf
over clouds, over skies
to his longed very long
Heaven home

so as near as I am concerned
fell in love in half or a hundred miles taller girl
by my tears I turned a torrent to a flood

but you understand it`s not plain at all
to carry under spotlike head
a heart a basketball
due to these ill loves I`m bigger than I am

who will take the little dwarf
over clouds, over skies
to his longed very long
Heaven home

and the grasses are greener there

V 95, 2008

You End Me

must each little bright day gently pass away?
can we save a bit for a late rain?
narrow stream of my life sweetly branched inside
endless ocean in her strange eyes

like a paper stone not feeling tide not seeing shores I flow
she gave me so much joy my heart cannot believe

is it over now?
is it over now?
must it be this way?
must it be this way?

lot of time I`d spent in search of black in white
it came suddenly with thunders
no, I can`t ignore it, can`t choose a higher way
sparrow can`t become an eagle

it is always so when I can grow when I can fly about
one little false step and the cardy building falls

is it over now?
is it over now?
must it be this way?
must it be this way?

Zakopane, Poznań VII 93


our friend-ship must have sailed
to a war-off island surely nevergreen
we must decide
if we`re going to scour the inside
or easily split

our an-cor`s losing glaze
though it doesn`t mean
that it is loosening grasp
we must decide
if we`re going to polish our rhythm
or roar like crowd

now what do you say?
save or go insane?
now what do you say?

our hours strike like streets
matching nothing, no one
charming in misuse
fragrant balloon
no regrets in pinning it up
just silly tears

II 98

The Pression

I never thought that I could be alone
weaving cobwebs of my own
now I`m in a deep hole and I don`t know
how I am to find my love
oh oh

well you can say she`s right here by my side
others do not have such luck
but what`s the use of reciprocal fear
us not real although so near
oh oh

I dare not look at her with my own eyes
I disguise them with black glass
I`ll never speak to her a normal word
all that`s left is some ill smile
oh oh

let wisdom flow from this cold bleeding song
be not addicted to anyone
if I were fresh and free with sober heart
I would love and know I`m loved
oh oh


The Graveyard Blues

gone man - bring me no more blues
gone man - bring me no more blues
why is she crawling in the shade of you?

dear girl - it won`t let me go
against the sorrow and amongst the stone
I wil try and try to bring it back
to bring back back

dreams, I`m afraid to dream
it hurts more to know they`re never real
than to look back and see
the one we were in

walking, I`m afraid to stare
every tree reminds me of your hand
sorry to say
but I have gone mad

dear girl, will you stay so sweet
when acid flows all around your teeth
find teh tree, there is a treasure for you
in deed

tell me why you cut your hair
was it too heavy, or the one you left
was too pleased to touch its shade?

shadows, shadows in the dark
cast a thorn right into my heart
only you can put it gently out

every other girl I know
might break up and reach a half of the thorn
the other half will have to
tear us apart
tear us apart

crossroads, triangle`s broken cusp
river flows to a second one
have you seen crossroads of two rivers?

I 94


you used to say
when I`m 19 I`ll have my first LP released
so how is that? where are those tracks?
how`s that

you used to weep
`bout being so weak and torn by heartfreaks
so how is that?
the heart`s still indifferent to mind thoughthe girl different is
how`s that

I don`t scorn nor reproach
I just don`t know
how to go on

you used to boast your faith was a solid rock
but how is that
you tremble with fear at mere sight of the Book

but you see, you know what
I do love you more, do
try on

1992, 25/03/98


I`ve drowned my heart in your fragile shadow
hardly could I bear those glacial waves
always hiding low behind
and searching for what there never really was in front

overrating what I felt I took it for love
I built the altars for false gods
stubborn blind waiting for the past
heading back

Autumn came to clothe my soul with rainbows
I would stare at rotten green for hours
clement winter tried with white
in vain for I`d dig th eholes in snow, smelled voice
of buried June

Heavens were crying about my erring
then He just found me to lead me gently

the waves aren`t cold anymore, they`re just refreshing
you are really really you at last
the feeling is so pure again
though dying maybe
oh I don`t care I let all flow
how I rejoice of you
thank God

Triberg VII 96


fear enjoins obedience but it can`t enjoin love
help me, Lord, to love You, not only be afraid

I`m afraid of life
I`m afraid of death
I`m afraid to write
and to sing

don`t You need me anymore in Your plan?
do these heavy headaches mean that soon I will die?

where are You, oh God of joy?
why are You coming only as the God of wrath?
but I have to stop, my conscience screams
I may say too much

and in my heart volcanos burst
it`s always so when You`re not there
and in my palms there are no notes
and in my pen there is no soul
I`m trembling still, I cannot move
beautiful youth, beautiful youth

I can see You only on the cross
I cannot see You smile
I can`t find the Easter
I can find myself only in the Lent

I can`t stand the evil in me
every day I see more
I`ve had enough, I want to quit
but to whom, Lord
can I go?

VII 1997

I No

I know I don`t
I know I not
I know I know
I mayn`t

I know I don`t
I know I not
I don`t I don`t

you can sky across the light
you can tree towards the Tri
you can tower at your height
and you can fly like windows

you can coin and minimise
you can pile upon your chair
you can sing about your sink
or you can fly like windows

you can stand or you can duck
you can yield or you conduct
slow down
slow down
slow down

slow down

peace at precipice
flop in quietude
you have lines
so that you
don`t pine away
pine away

be plain as the far-off plains
be spruce in your soul like spruce
and spring in joy it`s spring
indeed in all your deeds
rely on the Light
rely on the Light

you can hold or you can yearn
you can dive or just emerge
you can can or you can not
make sure you love all over

you can stand or you can duck

The Churchyard

the bells make the churchyard sing of life
they are waiting inside
the wind gently keeps the time in calm
dogs are barking
very far

a slow worm`s chasing a snail across a grave
who`s gonna win the game
everything so unimportant

how many years have passed
the churchyard`s still the same
still they await
how many graves have changed
the writings are the same

the sun makes the starlings lazily pray
nettles silently whine
the shade of the willow lets them grow
not any move to scare the echo

how many tears have dried
the water`s still sweet
though they can`t drink
how many flowers died
the prayers are the same

the calm`s swaying between the distant sounds
who`s gonna heed them all
everything so unimportant

VIII Poznań-Swarzędz (104) 93


(pierścień biały wokół głów...)

granica wiecznych śniegów
granity wiecznej zorzy
granica wiecznych śniegów
granity wiecznej zorzy
wśród spokojnych gór
odziany bielą chór jodeł
jak kamienna w wodę
pierścień biały wokół głów

czas czas skończył się
czas czas skończył się
czerń jest tylkolorem
ale nie symbolem
czas czas skończył się


Odwiedzin: 115260