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The Soundrops - pastoral rock band



Mt. Sharp

how come here
I may climb this hill

half heart in past
it`s all so steep
half heart could start
it`s all so love

it`s so long to find out

what`s she like
lend a hand or wait

I am all here
must go somewhere
I am all hills
but is this real

the trees
the top

Ostra Góra 7/8/2001

What Does it Change?

what does it change when you fall in love
it doesn`t mean anything
what does it change when you fall in love
it doesn`t mean anything

when she`s not right
when she`s not wife
it`s only pink, it`s only drink

when she`s not sane
when she`s a pain
it`s only blind, it`s only sight

heart over kidneys
heart under Good News
if it`s not to be answered
switch it off and leave
rather love than fall in love


Lonely Plimsoll

lonely plimsoll walking in the grass
lonely plimsoll walking in the sun
slowly stamping, parking on the stones
let go
let go

slighting trumpets blowing in the air
starlight dumplings shining in the way
slowly stamping, maybe reaching in
let go
let go

be walking as you go
be lieving as you ask
trust trust trust

lonely trampek stepping the right way
lonely plimsoll treading the right blades
scruffy traffic lagging far behind
so near
so near

be as it fate
Queen of May
relieve me from my brain
and guard my heart



the peaks in the East are bared by the sun
I will examin them sometime
the firs on the hills collide with clouds
I will take the walk when I wish

you must leave, Mr. Frodo
you must really get over
if you keep in Rivendell
it may turn out pretty hell

I should like to get into the pinewoods up there
I should like to drop teh wonder in my eyes
to Bruinen

the breeze round the chimney and the smoke
and the songs all the way to night
the Elves to placate the wrinkles on the foreheads

you must leave, Mr. Frodo
you must really get over
if you keep in Rivendell
you may turn out pretty hell

Pobiedziska V 2002

Fat Cowboy

there`s no movement in my soul and the river`s stopped
and no forwards and no goals, nothing to wait for
everywhere there is too far
out behind my fence
I do not care
I do not love

don`t count on me - I`m a fat cowboy
no mystery - I`m a fat cowboy
out with my rams - I`m pretty fine boy
don`t want no change, I`m the cowboy fat
(I`m a fatboy cow)

there is no one I could share all my surplus with
so I break another chair down while my TV
everything there is so near
horizons neatly packed
I never shout
I never cry

(there`s no movement in my soul and my spirit`s waned)

crowds do harm I`d rather clouds
playing my best harp
I do not care
I do not love

Pobiedziska 9/5/2002

The Stroyer

watch my teddy beer
slipping off my fings
my uneven hair
going somewhere grey

but you are as up-to-earth and
spacey, passe, Catholic, matchy

try and maybe love me
give your dog away
it seems it`s really you
true too

see the tea-stained shirt
such forever more
see the twisted nail
such forever shame

but is this the real foundation
can`t have all the gifts of nation

try and give full vent to heart
it seems it`s really you
and what you say
hey, hey?

watch my teddy heart
slipping off my palms
see the tall surprise
in my allergeyes

would you pick it up forever
it is up to you and Heavens

try and maybe start
and we will feed our hearts with everlasting hay
hey, hey!

1988, 1994, 1/6/2002

The Forehead Stain

her interest in those nuns proved just theoretical
it is a great start though, knows the meaning of a vow

she needs no glasses change, I will speak and she will see
she needs not `nother dog, she can always walk the me

see the stain on her forehead brown
it`s my goal
every evening hour at last
not in vain

the tactics, points of view, thought the movement gone with youth
if not - I`ve got my plains, thought the balance more impaired

the hearts can miss the point if they aren`t enhanced by brains
the feelings end up still if they`re not enhanced by will

win the love of th eForehead Brown
it`s my aim
every single hour at last
not in vain

1988,1999, 31/5/2002


oh won`t you give me your one bloodrop
I`ll mingle it with mine
to remember I am subject to your heart

oh give me your one teardrop
I`ll take it to the sun
it`ll be easier when we fight with any new

and give me one saliva drop
I`ll hide it in my eye
to forget about your outside and your thrills

is it you for all
can I trust to death
don`t say a word
let us take a one-year walk
perhaps we`ll see
together what we seem to see


The Wounded Roe

the wounded roe
dyeing the grass blades
and smearing tree stems
the loving fountain
the wounded roe

the wound`s deliberate
and self-oblivious
it could be easily healed with love
the wound is nothing much
and you should hardly know
it could be easily healed with love
the wounded roe

the wounded roe he is so beautiful
the wounded roe resemble Wounded Lamb

the shepherd`s heart that`s pounding by
take all the love I can`t combine
take all that would be spilt in vain instead
I love You Lord of Hearts

the wounded roe
is getting calmer
is wearing purpose
with joy unsmiling

and the Love is still to be

I will wait a month
with my heart still ready for the start
with your face preserved here in my mind
with your roeing heart
resting by the Lamb`s

1996/2000/PKS Poznań-Pobiedziska 4/6/2002


an afternoon
a derelict station
poppies common kneel between the rails
the sky despond
the brick hue withdrawn
start to look so that it doesn`t rain

the train might come
but it rather won`t
no time-table, no one here in sight

I am not sure how exactly come
that I am so suddenly and here
seemed to think
and seemed to consult
all that was to come with destiny

am I wrong? or can it be close?
I can hardly trust when I`m such a fool

and nothing changes in scenery
but something moves me so deep within
was it a thunder there away?
or is it really wheels?
I can hardly trust when I`m such a fool
but hope is what I didn`t manage to lose


A The

wisdom`s born of suffering
pride may come of victories and dreams
lead me on, I`m weak
don`t know what You want me to
I know that I am meant to love
so I try
much to her surprise
if it`s love I`m right

I abound though I don`t have
it`s fine - I would have and would lose
so it`s this I choose
I am sorry but I do
love, still what counts is only you
you and love
the sun is always bright
if I love I`m right

how is your day
yes I am all red
I am all full
and I am all high
but be as it may
I thank you, heart

love is what I`ve never really known
but for crumbs that I grow
it`s as always strong
never care about my state
it`s only as yours as you want
I am dropped
one and one is three
to be or two be

V 94 - 15/06/2002

Eighteen Per Cent

I`m quite surprised everybody does
how do they learn everybody does
want to be small and all
how does one love?

I cannot trust everybody does
my thinking rusts everybody knows
want to be yours that`s all
how does one love?

I want no more peaks
I want no more heights
I want no more songs
need plains
plain depths
deep peace
tell me what love is

I admire the cuoples in a street everybody does
looking for something to eat everybody does
I`m going to wash her feet
what a precious hint

VI 2002

Coupla Days Into

can I sleep beside your feet and hear your blood hiss
carrying the CO2 there up
can I gather freckles from your cheeks some day
and scatter it among the stars surprised?

I may be versed in your eyes, that`s all
don`t want to read in your heart
I may be tasting your thoughts a bit
don`t want to lie on your mind

what love is I never knew and know still less
maybe you could give a hint ahead
don`t know quite what I should do tomorrow evening
after I have worked for you

but it is good, don`t want to be sure
don`t want to be self-assured
yes it is good can you lead me on
don`t want to grow big at all

thank you, it is hard to bear my dogged comments
listen to them and forget at once
I don`t want your feeling, I do want your love
after I have learnt to love

build on what you`ve begun
don`t be afraid at all
if we are meant to love
we`ll endure all
so let`s rejoice
let`s rejoice


Morn of Plenty

take your time and slowly and let it grow
you have done so much I can hardly thank
mind your steps and don`t let one pine cone pass unseen

take your eye around, heart won`t mar your sight
let your hand just stay where it lies so green
I don`t know at all but we`ve got some mighty help

out of Mirkwood
space and dawn
morn of plenty
horn of hope

there`s so much I guess I could say to you
but it`s flat and you`re not fond of words too strong
as for me that`s it, tell me when we meet again

enter password
sure it`s love
see in wonder
See of Rome


Odwiedzin: 115219