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The Soundrops - pastoral rock band




will I be able to fall asleep
my only`s left me tonight
I don`t know why
I don`t know `ow

my arms are still full of her air
my mind is still full of her thoughts
I don`t know
i don`t know

sleep deep wake fresh
I wish you all the rest
the one who would love you
the one who would love you
if you`d stayed

I know I`ve got where to go
I hope sometime you`ll succeed
bye bye dear
smile smile dear

2/1/ 01

More Than That

guess I`ll never go so far to state
that it is better now than then, it`s not
even dumped and dumb there`s still so much
for a prayer

shrunk to the now
face strictly up
I`m still with her somehow

don`t be ashamed to return
don`t be so rain when it burns
love is there - it will work

know you can more than you show
still you can more than you think
open up - little flower

not that I cry, suffer, or die
it`s all a level up
not that I need, not that I don`t
I aim at something more

you may say this song`s adressed to someone else
i do respect your freedom, don`t feel pressed
if I carry on it`s only for
some love

II 01

The Fervent

(are you a nobody too?)
lights go down
go to sleep
and forget

how could I make such a fuss while in love?

dewdrops from within my heart
dry in time in steady fire
only recall the hope
only recall the trust
so I must

summer somewhere underground
love anew but all alive
maybe more to the point
less intense but how strong

peace of mind
sweet brown flowers
in your eyes

I stare through winterfield
shown behind my brokem tears
winds will take my voice
to the other side I hope
you will be there

oh how I want to lead her to the spring
and spread with her across the sun
oh my Lord only You are strong
it needn`t be but blow my hell away

looked upstars
bless this calm
nights prepare the ground for light
there is time until the grass
I`ll try to love alone if I can`t in the dyad

while the green
it might be
chord with me



I`m sitting here on my own again
with only God by my heart
could not avert it, did not expect
I tried hard to trust

I have grown up but the pain is still
I am aware but distraught
and you don`t love me, I`ll count the ways
to deal with the void

on the silent waters - what did we see? - was it not us hand in hand?
was I so mistaken? - more, were you too? - guess all depended on you

moon`s up, luring me hard, talk to me, don`t let me there
cold walls calling me on, don`t let us stay in between

calm down
calm down

prayers with no past
prayers still anew
not an easy way
God will use my pain
prayers with no past
prayers with no name
thank You what You will
Master of the fate

beginning of some smile
beginning of some smile

I`m sitting here on my chair again
I am not loved but I love
on the silent waters - all beyond the skies
calmed down

1990/I 01

Blady strach na wróble

blady strach na wróble padł
nie ma już
na polu nic
powstać może wielki zgiełk
kiedy strach na wróble padł


V 2000

The Hermit`s Song

darkness in the city in my heart
hardly brightened by electric smiles
ten-string zither music sadly lost
in the empty feel machine dull chord

couldn`t find myself in neon rain
shines-and-doesn`t-shine let`s buy a chair
couldn`t fell the walls I couldn`t climb
with the painted heart there I can`t find

here I`ve got no one to embrace
no one`s way across my narrow way
wooden whispers green lullabies
in this kingdom of the slower pace of time

you choke you choke
in rainbows of smoke

sundrops percolating down through leaves
pinch the mossy pillows till clear nights
stars above the clearings show still higher
to the great creator of allkind

you stray you stray
through meadows of grey

silence deepens all the way inside
I will know the way to face the loud
heartvest ripe in harmony with here
I will know the way to face back there

there to the early glow
away from my counting trunks of oaks
much less frightened more in love
less in passionate fake warmth
armed in will for winter days
armed in trust for inter nights
grow and journey back some day
and all here will be the same
now it`s time to great the vain
as at least somehow the full
know I`ll never learn to lose
but I hope to cope
if not, I`ll repeat this song
not me to count on and trust
not her to bow my head to
away where we sharply flew
all day when we`ll simply love
if He only wants us so

VII 93/ VIII 00

I Am Off

come rather by
don`t stay awhy
nothing will rough
I am off

now I`m so enough though then so red and
I was so in love that eyes could burn
colours were much sharper words were wounding
so I could not live but I so lived!

don`t rather fear
I am so real
hey, how d`ya feel
very still

now I`m so enough though then so lacky
nowhere could I find but still I had
were they really frowns? so upside down now
no I could not live but I so lived!

so you may so
see, i`m so thing
girl, would you like
mm to talk

IX 98


wants to end
only when it knows it`s loved
time to face it
time to through it
bless me, Lord, into the no-ness

I step in
it`s not easy
right inside what I long ran from
but I know, yes I`m sure
I choose love
by choosing no-ness

1988/Furtwangen VIII 98

A Temple

I am a temple of the Holy Ghost
and I`m not afraid
He calls me in the middle of my things
to enter and rest inside

I am an earthly body left for Christ
and I feel obliged
He is sleeping now within my boat
I can wake Him if winds go wild

God is my greatness
God is my only pride
I follow Hom up
I want to show Him around
and as for me
I`m just a sinner in a rock`n`roll band

I am a wayward son of God the Father
I go back home
to be fed and guided
to be clothed
like a pawn in the army of flowers

God is my greatness
God is my only pride
I follow Hom up
I want to show Him around
and as for me
I`m just a sinner in a rock`n`roll band

I am a temple of the Holy Ghost
I am a temple of the Holy Ghost

VII 2000

It Will Burst

I know that rather nothing of this sort will come today
but no I don`t want to lie back and fall asleep a-grey-n
and since it`s only black that does appear out of the blue
I will go on with my green red because I`m pretty sure
it will burst
it will burst

today`s a grave it doesn`t mean I`m not to love today
to date it was just rest I`m here to also taste the rest
the rivers of insipid windows all reflecting grey
will lead to the red ocean more awaited more beloved
when it`s burst
when it`s burst

get stronger to choose not need
a wonder undream so deep
get stronger
get wider

and all those lonely days pump hope and fill my heart with strangth
the more I`ll gather now the more I`ll give her when it`s burst
I`ve got to motice more and reach the sounds I feared to claim
to make the interim a well of plenty not a wrong
it will burst
it will burst

II 99

Against the Walls

I have run for your love
some thousand days
I have run for your own
so on
wasn`t easy at all
cirling, stuck in those traps
it was you I aimed at
it was you I worked for
now the time
to reap

I have drowned for your love
in million tears
I have missed easy fires
at long nights
I did not try unsure
bound to be ridiculed
and I dreamed of some fields
when I could waste awake
to be all

to be with you is so
I can`t believe
still it`s more to me now
I`m free
even if you opt out
I`ll be equally glad
it is God that I need
as for you
it`s just sweet
only now can
I love

XII 94/XI 98

The Lighthouse

from afar the lighthouse calls out
silent summer dream
to be not fulfilled

while the trembling burning arrow
bound to be a miss
hits another miss

at last at last at last
I know I know I know I know

this surprising destiny verdict
makes my heart so free
and the fire is low

anew anew anew
I know I know I know

I know I know I know
I know I know I know

that`s a mental earthquake
from the friendship to the love
never so before

the feeling is a glowing frosting
rather than the core
never so before


hold on hold on hold on
hold on hold on hold on

in the open day I take my sunshine
by her hand
more than I had meant

I embrace the lonely lighthouse
with a thankful eye
let her find her tower

away away away

XII 99/I 2000

An Oak Girl

she`s an oak girl, acorn pearl
born in darkwood, raised in lakes
foak-song, daisy heart
sunset hunting, love to share

face-up, make-down
stand-com, nearermore
tender, open
where have you left your eyes

she`s an oak girl, acorn pearl
born in darkwood, raised in lakes
foak-song, daisy heart
sunset hunting, love to share

whitebird, green jay
curly dayingale
tranquil, faithful
where have you left your minds

she`s an oak girl, acorn pearl
born in darkwood, raised in lakes
foak-song, daisy heart
sunset hunting, love to share
to share to share

II 2000

Whatever Falls

now when you happen to look back
and see all those tears
you don`t want to cry
see, it was worth it all
past gave us us

now though the story`s still on
and it`s pretty unsure
where our homes will be
it doesn`t alter
weak and strong
we are both

so whatever falls
and whoever appears
we won`t split for sure
`cos it is not that
but still it`s love
yeah it is not that
but still it`s love

so even if you scream `no`
I`ll be carrying your oars
listening to your thoughts
even if nettles
grow in my heart

and since I`m sure that this I can`t spoil
I`ll be clear about the last point
I`ll try to always
love you so
in our way


Waiting For The Green

bare trees behind the greyest field before my heart
you`re going to grow your hair again
though you are perfect all the same
like that

here awake inside me now
all the springs that bloomed so far
having nodded I`ve erased
let it be just like the first

grey lake before the saddest footbridge on the shore
you will resume your life in blue
though you`re not worse and it`s no less
like this

I do not underrate what`s going on around
it`s perfect all the way
I just expect another fullness still ahead
it`s as to green not red

still trunks in rows letting in the sun unlike before
you will get much thicker in four weeks
still you`re splendid cuddled in the beams
like here

denser streets
evening lamps

darker mists
far-off lights
all right

dear mountain tops can you grasp the weakening of dusks?
guess I will not make it in three months
anyhow O`m happy with it all
at hand

wiosna 2001


no, it can`t be one more false
February`s warmth
strain your heart to feel the first
February green
everything ahead
everything so vast and quiet
I am open to it all
I am open for it all
`cos at last I`m able just to rejoice the spring

no, it can`t be one more false
flash before the dawn
I won`t lose what I have gained
through those tears and falls
everything ahead and clear
`cos based only on Him
only in Love
I`m ready to be
I am ready to love
but I am also prepared to suffer on
I will do well

warm stones of March
the stretching dawn
they call to seek still beyond
the King of Springs
the Ruler of Bloom
the Master of me-and-you
there will we go
there will we go
there on to Him

X 98

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